Skerman Civil staff– an extension of your team

At the heart of Skerman Civil is a One-Team approach.  Skerman Civil operates as an extension of our clients’ business by understanding and representing their interests and objectives on designated projects.

Working in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, the team collaborates on projects, undertaking planning, creative research and problem solving activities to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

The Skerman Civil team are industry leaders because of their ability to apply these skills, taking the clients requirements into account, while looking beyond the brief: considering the greater vision of worksite presentation, community engagement, environmental practices and the client’s contribution to the future of the cityscape.


Skerman Civil partners with a select crew of professional subcontractors who are passionate about what they do and are aligned with Skerman Civil’s focus on communication and project excellence.

Our subcontractors' expertise and industry experience ensures they are employed in continual projects, and the benefits of this work security are reflected in their competitive pricing.

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